Classic Hits From The Last Four Decades

Well done!! You found us, tucked away in our own little corner of the web.

Ray Stevens and Mark Oliver are two working stiffs who strap on guitars and undergo a metamorphosis!

We won't lie and tell you we are the perfect entertainment package for any occasion 'cos we aint. We are a bit choosy these days and tend to work the social clubs, British Legions and some selected pubs. Our music suits the 30+ age group.

Ray Stevens
Keyboard/Guitar & Vocals

Ray has been a gigging musician since 1973. There isn't a pub or social club in North East London and Essex he hasn't played, at some point in his career. Always keen to create a good atmosphere Ray likes to include the audience between songs in a little light banter. He still remembers the day he was hit on the head with his own microphone.

Mark Oliver
Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Mark gave up playing Bass guitar to embark on a successful career as a nightclub DJ. He moved to London from Liverpool in 1990 and worked with Ray's band on a number of occasions. When he decided to pick up his guitar again, Ray invited Mark to join him and form Double Measure. Mark is the techno whiz kid that produces the backing tracks.

For that big band sound Double Measure use quality backing tracks produced on Midi. Sometimes we sound like we have the Royal Philharmonic playing with us. Yes.....I know it's cheating, but everyone else is doing it.


Well that's the sales pitch over. Have a listen to our live demos and if you like what you hear, give us a call.